About Goldmund Gardens 

Explore new lifestyles and ways of working in partnership with nature that will inspire you! Here you can learn about how holistic farmers do what they do, plan a farm stay vacation, and gain ideas about sustainable food production.


My Story

I feel lucky to have been raised on my family’s ranch: 640 acres of serene forested mountains in Northern California. Life’s twists and turns have landed me securely in a white collar job in the Seattle suburbs, but the longing for open spaces and nature has not left. My dream? A few acres in the Pacific Northwest where I can build a small farm using regenerative practices, complete with a farm stay vacation home for guests. I’m starting by interviewing farmers doing work I admire and posting their stories to my blog, to share the beauty that is being created in the world with you. Thanks for joining me!

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Goldmund Gardens is dedicated to my mom, Lyn Burrell Peterson, who loved nature, animals, gardening, and her family. Thank you, Mom, for all of your love.

Goldmund Gardens Values



Taking good care of what we have been given in life is our responsibility.



Being transparent and vulnerable about our experience helps other people to more clearly see the truth from where they stand.



Challenging our preconceptions, being willing to change, and letting ourselves find interest and beauty in what we don’t fully understand is a fulfilling way to live.

Thank you for visiting!

– Carrie Peterson