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Here you’ll find candid interviews with people striving to farm in sync with nature. They use sustainable and regenerative agricultural methods, go through great times and tough times, and learn how to do it better every day. Ultimately they are working to create a harmonious and flourishing future for humanity, and here, their lives and efforts are celebrated.

#20 – Happen Films: Antoinette Wilson

Photo Credit: Wild Feet ProductionsAntoinette Wilson is a passionate filmmaker, dedicated to living out her beliefs and role modeling a healthy...

#19 – The Farmstead at Lake Breeze Vineyards: Jessica Young

Lake Breeze Vineyards is more than a beautiful winery situated in the majestic Okanagan Valley, BC. It’s also home to a farmstead where vegetables,...

#18 – A Shepherd’s Retreat: Lynne Green

Lynne Green was out in the field with her flock of sheep and working sheep dog Chief when I caught up with her for an interview. In true farmer...

A Note from the Author

I am so happy you are here! 

I believe sustainable and regenerative food production and an increased connection with nature is the only viable path forward for healing humanity.  This site is designed to help connect you the reader with farmers out there doing some of the most  important work on the planet. Dive into their stories and be inspired to take your next step toward a brighter future!

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